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Latest SILA-IWCL-news:

  • Our General Assembly will be on Tuesday, 9th at 9:30 am at Hotel Lev
  • Honorable membership: We are proud to announce that her Excellency Szilágyiné Bátorfi Edit, Ambassador of Hungary to Slovenia, will be our honorable member for the SILA-IWCL-Season 2016/2017.

Bazaar results:

At 2016 bazaar, we managed to raise 40.000 Euros in donations. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Read more about the 23. SILA IWCL Bazaar: SILA-IWCL Bazaar 2016


What is SILA-IWCL?

Who We Are?

SILA-IWCL stands for SILA International Women’s Club Ljubljana. The word “sila” also means “strength” in the Slovene language. SILA-IWCL is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organisation, formed in 1993 and run voluntarily by its members. The club offers its members numerous opportunities to participate in diverse and interesting activities to foster deeper mutual understanding among ourselves and to expand our knowledge of Slovenia and the rest of the world.

Currently SILA-IWCL has nearly 170 members of all ages from over 44 countries. Some are living in Slovenia temporarily, while others have been residents for many years, including many Slovene ladies. Our members have highly diverse backgrounds, including business, HR, politics, PR or spouses of diplomatic representatives.

Our Mission

To welcome and assist newcomers to Slovenia, share information and experience, foster goodwill and friendship among our members, further members’ knowledge and understanding of Slovenia by organising cultural, sports, educational and social activities and raise funds for the benefit of selected charity projects.

When we meet

Our monthly General Meeting, which takes place at Hotel Lev every second Tuesday of the month, provides an opportunity to learn about cultural events in Slovenia, sign up for current activities happening within SILA-IWCL or socialise with friends and new members.

Come and join us for the next Generell Meeting!

When : Tuesday, 9th of May at 9:30 at Hotel Lev

The Management Board will be informing about certain  issues; besides the regular SILA – IWCL activities, we will put much attention to GALA preparations. This time we will elect the new management board – be there!

Where: Hotel Lev, Vošnjakova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana


or for the next Welcome Coffee:

When : Wednesday, 17th of May at 10:00

Where: Private

The Welcome Coffee is a monthly informal event to welcome our new members is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, assist newcomers to Slovenia and to start new friendships.

for more information:,031302609  or, 030 422 600


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