SILA Bazaar is our biggest annual charity event. Over the past 21 years we have donated more than a million Euros to various Slovenian organisations and individuals. This year the SILA Bazaar took place place on 28th November at Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana.

With your help, we were able to collect 53.000 Euro. THANK YOU!

SILA BAZAAR 2015 was supported by

Complete list of SILA BAZAAR 2015 donors you can find here.

Projects shortlisted for SILA Bazaar funds

The application process for SILA Bazaar funds is closed now. The deadline for applications was on 11th May 2015.

We received 17 valid applications. (One application was eliminated because the organisation received funds in 2012, which is against our rule – no funds in the last 3 years).

These 17 projects applications were presented to the Country Representatives (representatives of the countries participating at the bazaar) who voted which 10 projects will be supported this year (one country representative/one stall = one vote). SILA members – three per project – are going to thoroughly check each of the 10 project elected by CRs and report their findings during SILA General meeting in September.

The following 10 projects have been shortlisted for the funds:

  • NAMESTO PIKE VEJICA (Instead of full stop only a comma), Pesnica pri Mariboru
  • Association KROG (Circle), Koper
  • Association SALESIANUM, Lj.
  • Association for Cerebral Palsy, Lj.
  • Luka and Vesna CUGELJ
  • DOSTOP (Access), association for championing accessibility, Lj.
  • Association MATERINA DUŠICA (Thyme), Pilštajn
  • Centre for care and work, Golovec
  • SONČEK, Association for Cerebral Palsy of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
  • Shelter for homeless people, Lj.

Read all details about our selection and approval procedure in our SILA bazaar rules.


Pravilnik bazarja Sila

Vloga za sredstva pridobljena s Sila bazarjem 2015

Pravilnik za izvedbo srečelova na dobrodelnem Bazarju 2015