10. 10. 2016    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Event Type

SILA Sport on Monday

Monday, 10.10., 14.00 – 15.30

Yoga class with Andrea, Podpeska cesta 108b 1351 Brezovica, fougerousse@gmail.com, 031 737 269

If you could find a parking place in the other side of the road it is better, there are two places more in front of the house.

You’ll need :

> A yoga mat (if you don’t have I could lend you one, but just tell me, I only have 4 mats)

> A soft leggings preferably in cotton (one wich will not slip)

> 3€ wich goes to charity

I’ll furnish the rest of the material (bricks, straps, tea, smile…)

Just confirm me if you come in order to adapt the space !

Don’t hesitate if you have any question.

Looking forward to seeing you !




Monday, 17.10. 20:30 Tae Bo with Špela Lukač, CUBE fitness, Prvoborcev 25, Ljubljana,

http://cube-fitnes.si/taebo-fitness, The try out will be for free, Contact person- norakoleva@yahoo.com

Monday, 24.10., 9:45 Aqua Aerobic, Atlantis Aqua park, BTC Ljubljana, norakoleva@yahoo.com

Monday, 31.10., 9:00 Šmarna gora hiking  norakoleva@yahoo.com