23. 09. 2016    
10:00 am

Event Type

The exhibition shows the bees and the Slovenian beekeeping tradition.

Showcased in the first part of the exhibition is the classification of bees and their prevalence on Earth, the biology of a honey bee, her life cycle and also her for the existence of the human race. The second part is dedicated to the Slovenian beekeeping as an economic activity and its produce. The third part unveils the richness of heritage, reflected in professional and belletristic literature, cultural landscape, material and immaterial heritage and contemporary art.


  • When:  Friday, 23rd September at 10.00
  • Meeting Point: Krekov trg at the funicular
  • Where: Castle Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Price: 16€ with funicular, 14€ without
  • Please RSVP: Ursula Szabo, ursula.szabo@gmail.com, 030 671 580.