11. 06. 2017    
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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The Sport club in SILA would like to invite you to a Sport and Picnic day in Tivoli park.

We are offering you a day in the nature full with fun and surprises.

Dear Fathers, please come with your children and take part in the Football tournament:

“Champions league for Sunday Dads”

You can participate with your friends, neighbours, colleagues kids and even to register as a team with them.

The Football Tournament Cup 2017 will be held as well as medals and prizes for the winners!


Please sign up in advance in order the teams for the tournament to be formed. There is no age limitation 


Andrea will organize “Yoga session in the open air”for families and those who like to enjoy the positive effect of this physical and spiritual experience.


Dear Moms, please prepare with your kids delicious cookies and take part in the “Homemade cookies competition”.

You can win a gift voucher of Beauty shop.

Kindly invite everyone to bring their favorite traditional dishes and to share them with us on the”Giant picnic with food from all around the world”

The French committee will organize “Pétanque” tournament for those who want to try something new and funny.



The location: Tivoli park, next to the tennis courts

When: 11.06.2017,Sunday

Time: 10:00 to 15:00

Entrance fee for charity: 10 euro per parent(kids are for free)

Persons for registration and more information: