1. General information
  1. The SILA-IWCL Bazaar is a charitable and cultural event organised once a year by SILA – International Women’s Club Ljubljana (henceforth SILA-IWCL).
  1. It is held in Ljubljana at the end of November or the beginning of December. This year it will be held on December 4, in Hotel Union.
  1. The main purpose of the SILA-IWCL Bazaar is to raise money for selected charity projects in Slovenia.
  1. The success of the Bazaar requires participation of all SILA-IWCL members. All SILA-IWCL members are asked to get involved in the organisation of the bazaar.
  1. These rules are constituted for the Bazaar 2016 and approved by the Board of management.
  1. SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee 2016
  1. SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management annually appoints a SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee, which is responsible for organisation and coordination of that year’s event and impartial selection of applications that year. Members of the SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee can continue their work for a number of consecutive years, if approved by SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management.
  1. The SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee 2016 consists 6 members. The following position are essential for the organization of the bazaar :
  1. President: responsible for creating the concept of the Bazaar and overseeing the overall organization and responsible (together with a profesionnal P.R) for all communication with the media prior, during and after the bazaar . The President will be assisted by the Vice-President throughout its work.
  1. Vice-President: responsible to assist the President in every aspect of its work.
  1. Country Representatives Coordinator: responsible for all communication with Country Representatives
  1. Bazaar Charity coordinator: responsible for all Bazaar charity project process.
  1. Cultural program coordinator: responsible to organize the Bazaar cultural program.
  1. Finance coordinator: responsible to follow of all financial activities connected with the 2016 Bazaar.
  1. All legal and financial transactions is done based upon the decision by the SILA-IWCL president.
  1. All financial transactions regarding bazaar is done with approval of the SILA-IWCL president and realized by the Board of Management treasurer.
  1. The Bazaar committee is supported by others volunteers’ positions as needed (e.g. Lucky draw coordinator, Sponsors coordinator, Volunteers coordinator, …):
  1. The Bazaar committee makes and determines its own time plan.
  1. SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management encourages other SILA-IWCL members to help and support the Bazaar Committee members to organise the event. The SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee reports to SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management regularly, at least once a month.
  1. Members of the SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management can attend SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee meetings at their discretion.
  1. The Bazaar Committee shall prepare a comprehensive report about the bazaar upon conclusion of the event and submit it to SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management.

Report for the SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management shall include:

  1. Detailed report on earnings, details of all expenses,
  2. Evaluation of the bazaar based on all reported data including a general feedback and suggestions for improvements for next year.
  1. The Bazaar committee shall also present highlights of the report to the SILA-IWCL members at a general meeting. All SILA-IWCL members have the right to review the detailed report.
  1. All reports and information regarding the SILA-IWCL bazaar shall be kept in a dedicated file in the SILA-IWCL office.
  1. Selections for SILA-IWCL Bazaar donations
  1. This year, the Bazaar Committee has choosen a theme for the charity project: women and children, victims of violence. The theme was presented and approved at the SILA-IWCL General meeting.
  1. The official start date from which Slovenian institutions and organisations shall be contacted by the SILA-IWCL charity coordinator for SILA-IWCL Bazaar funds and the deadline for submission are announced at SILA-IWCL’s general meeting.
  1. Each association approached by the Charity coordinator or a member of SILA-IWCL has to complete the application form in English.
  1. In the application form, there is a detailed description and explanation of the project that needs funding stamped and signed by the head of the organisation
  1. Guidelines for the selection of the project:
  1. a) Who can apply for donations this year ?

Institutions, associations, organisations in Slovenia that are comitted and help victims of violence. No individual.

  1. b) What can the funds be used for?

To cover expenses of concrete products or services, connected with help to victims of violence.

  1. c) Who will not be considered?

Institutions that have received SILA-IWCL funds in the past three years (unless the application comes from a different department within a larger institution). The same project cannot receive SILA-IWCL funding twice.

  1. The Charity coordinator, together with the Bazaar Committee will check the projects and submit them to country representatives to vote for the two best and one project in reserve.
  1. The SILA-IWCL Bazaard Committee will report to SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management to confirm project implementation.
  1. The final list of approved projects will be published on SILA-IWCL’s website (
  1. Payment of funds to approved applicants/projects
  1. Only after the SILA-IWCL Bazaar donations have been collected and consolidated, the SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management will divide and distribute the funds.
  1. No money will be paid directly to applicants. A tender process is required to gather three offers for the desired goods or services. Following the tender SILA-IWCL selects and pays for the best option (the best value for money from the three offers) and the goods or services are delivered by the provider. In this way it will be ensured that funds granted will be donated in the best and transparent way.
  1. Only an official invoice stating the name of the organisation and the correct purpose will be paid by SILA-IWCL.
  1. SILA-IWCL cannot guarantee that all approved and shortlisted projects will receive funding. As a non profit organisation we depend 100% on proceeds from the bazaar and our donors. We distribute all available funds in a spirit of full transparency.


  1. All residential and non residential Embassies, Consulates and Honorary Consulates for Slovenia, as well as Slovenia as the host country, are invited to participate in the SILA-IWCL bazaar. All shall receive invitations to participate.
  1. During the preparations, Embassies, Consulates and Honorary Consulates are represented by their Country representative.
  1. SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee coordinates and offers all necessary support to the Country representatives in execution of the Bazaar event.
  1. Apart from country stalls, additional activities will be organised at the SILA-IWCL Bazaar, e.g. “lucky draw”, Creative SILA-IWCL, ….
  1. SILA-IWCL Bazaar Committee shall add new activities depending on need or interest or cancel previously held activities based on poor results and unprofitability in the previous years.
  1. All SILA-IWCL members are encouraged to look for donors to maximise SILA-IWCL Bazaar earnings. Donations can be given in goods, services or paid directly to SILA-IWCL bank account.
  1. Official names of all donors and sponsors of products and services for the bazaar are listed on a large poster at the entrance to the Bazaar. The same list is published on the SILA-IWCL website.

Prepared by SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management 2014, 8th April 2014.

Amended by SILA-IWCL’s Board of Management 2015, 1st April 2015.

Amended by SILA-IWCL’s Bazar Committee 2016, 11st May 2016