Sila Bazaar is our biggest annual charity event. Over the past 20 years we have donated more than a million Euros to various Slovenian organisations and individuals.


The first Sila Bazaar took place in 1993 in the TR3 building on Trg Republike. At that time there were only a dozen stands selling items from our members’ home countries. Over the years the Bazaar has grown with about 40 countries participating and about 6500 visitors in one day, the venue also changed to the much larger Gospodarsko Razstavisce (Ljubljana Exhibition Centre)

Last year we celebrated our 20th anniversary and over €80,000 was donated to various causes.

At the bazaar we also host an Art Corner, where we sell various paintings and art items, a Clothes Corner, where we sell pre-owned clothes or a Book corner, where books are sold. Visitors can also enjoy Cultural performances and children the kids’ corner. One of the most popular parts of the Bazaar is the Lucky Draw, where each and every ticket is a wins a prize!

Every year SILA collects applications for funds up to the month of September, after which the SILA Bazaar Board assigns groups of SILA members to assess the projects. The group then writes an evaluation and finally the representatives of the bazaar participants vote (one country representative/one stall = one vote) to decide which projects will be supported that year. The most important rule is that we never give money directly, instead we run a tender to gather three different offers and pay the best one, which delivers the goods to the applicant chosen to receive our funds. This is the way to assure that the funds go into the right hands and that our applicants receive what they need.

We cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive funding. As a non-profit organisation we depend 100% on proceeds from the bazaar and our donors. We distribute the funds according to the voting process described above and in a spirit of full transparency.


If you missed our Bazaar and still want to donate to SILA, you are welcome! The account number is: 30000-0104338280 at Sberbank d.d

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